Yocca - Polish service sewing workshop with two-generation experience



The company was established in 1989 by Wieslaw Wisniewski. For 20 years the company manufactured swimwear for ladies under the brand name KAMILA. Rapid growth saw the company reach a peak employing 120 staff, working on 2 shifts. All production was made for the Russian market. However when the crisis came, we decided to change our profile and bought more specialised machines for sportswear manufacture. In 2011 the company was taken over by Adam Wisniewski, son of the founder, who changed the name to YOCCA.


It is extremely important that we give a professional service to our clients, so there is always somebody in the office to help our customers in case of any questions or issues. We have created a very efficient online system for placing orders www.yocca.eu where clients have their own accounts. Thanks to this system, each client can register their own orders and follow the status of each order as it is being updated in real time. There is also information about shipment and the tracking number for each order. These details give our clients a clear picture about everything that we do. All of this is there to give our customers an invaluable service.

We are always happy to create new products if clients require them. We also pay great attention to the quality of fabric used and all other elements which helps us to keep our products at the forefront of sportswear production.

The location of our factory in Poland gives us the opportunity to be a good partner for brands, offering bespoke orders in low quantities at club level. Production time in most cases doesn’t take longer than 3-4 weeks and shipment takes only a few days. This allows our clients to offer a highly professional service and quality products. In exceptional circumstances when the customer needs an order much faster, we do our best to help and can organise production in 1 or 2 weeks and sometimes even in 3-4 days.